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Environmentally Friendly Spray Insulation

Save money while doing your part for the environment with cellulose insulation from Bennett Insulation in Sterling, Kansas. Our environmentally friendly spray insulation is made from recycled newspapers. This not only creates a seal from outside air infiltration but also provides an excellent sound barrier to block out unwanted exterior noise. In the winter it will feel like you have wrapped your home in a cozy blanket. In the summer you will hardly notice when the Kansas temperatures soar over 100 degrees. For more information go to

Insect and Rodent Repellant, Fire Retardent

The safety of your property is our top priority. Our cellulose insulation is specially treated to make it insect and rodent repellant. It is also a Class 1 Fire Rated material.

Save Money

Insulating your home is the most effective way to lower your heating and air conditioning bills. Because we work efficiently and have very low overhead, our services are accessible and affordable to everyone. After Bennett Insulation insulated their new home one customer said, "I have 1/3 more home and 1/3 less cost in utility bills." Studies have shown that cellulose is more efficient than fiberglass batts by 35% to 40%.

Fast & Safe

Installing wet-spray insulation on new construction buildings requires proper training, and all of our workers are highly skilled and thoroughly trained. The amount of insulation required depends on the current state of your home. Some homes have no insulation at all, while others may already have half of what they need. Please contact us to find out how much work your property requires.

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